Garuda’s Travel: SIns & Redemption, has hit the Amazon Kindle store, and for Nov 14 & 15, we’ll be offering free downloads. Here’s what one reader says about the book: If you’re a traveler, as opposed to a tourist, and you’re going to Southeast Asia, this is the book you have to read before you do anything else. I’ve lived in Asia for twenty-five years and I’ve read most of the books westerners have written about Southeast Asia. Take it from me, nearly every one of them is crap. This book isn’t. It’s the real deal, and it’s good writing, too. Why are you still reading this? Just buy the damn book... Old Asian Hand  And here’s what Jake Needham, Asia’s best crime novel of seven best sellers say: I swear to you Hunter S. Thompson must be alive and well somewhere in Indonesia and writing under the name Vanya. And here’s where you can down load it here … So what are you waiting for!!!


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