Equipped with beer goggles, Joe Writeson drinks his way around Malaysia and Thailand in his third in the series, Jarrow to Jurong. He encounters Vietnamese refugees on a platform, a big fat mining mogul from Australia, his name isn’t Clive Parker,  who has a brood of 20 feral kids, and he’s discovered a mineral in Malaysia that has made him rich and even more obese. VB might be the culprit. Joe  opens up a bar along the way, The Crusoe Bar has ran into a few problems,floating cobras being one during a deluge during the monsoon season. The book just scrolls itself. Not a dull moment, ever. Joe has a way of documenting the lives of the people he meets in an intimate way. There’s lots of farting and how’s your mother sense of humour in this book. He’s dished up a veritable treat, and you will never look at South East Asia the same, after reading this book. It has high doses of humour drawn out by anecdotes.


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