All systems go in Peliatan. There’s a wedding today. Mey Porgi, the monkey, is still elusive. He cries like a baby when he’s hungry. He’s crying now. Sana is making back scratches, he sells one for 30 000 Rupiah. He’s got about ten of them finished. Wayan is getting addicted to my spaghetti. I’m cooking up a big pot today. It feeds the extended family. Seems my cooking skills are much appreciated. I might even give Mey Porgi some today. Hari, who was born on Independence day, is now about six months old. He’ll be munching spagetti soon. He went for a swim with us yesterday at the cold spring. “Free Jacuzzi,” says Made Sana. That’s a word I like a lot. The water levels are hight and the torrent going through the drains are quite strong….. Met I Wayan, he’s a taxi driver, and dancer. You can see his expressive body language.  He has the coolest name card.  A tiny picture of him playing the drums on it. Almost comical, and realer than life.

 Oh that’s the Peliatan update, just on the outskirts of Ubud Central.


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