Paid for the car that Sana  picked me up at the airport. (Read here, All good in Ubud,  for the epic account of losing iphones, passport and bags and eventually arriving in Bali!) The owner was going to throw in two big titted locals  if I rented the car again. These Balinese have a wicked sense of humour and it’s an ongoing ‘taxi’ joke, which will be explained — a cultural insight. I didn’t leave a tip with his secretary, but she was a tasty number. I said I’d use the change for dinner.

We did a circuit of Ubud looking for a local warung  to eat some fried rice. Sana met up with his mates, all local motorbike and taxi drivers. “Taxi!”  he asks. They have their signs, with taxi written on it. That’s he’s running joke, to offer a taxi while riding a motorbike. What usually follows is, “I want to go to Sanur. Can you take me there?” That’s where all the karaoke joints are. Our stomping ground. Well actually the complex by the beach is our preferred hang out. Very local with warungs and cheap coffee.

Before we eat, I say to Made Sana that I  need a piss.  He says to piss over there. I’m in a crematorium. A body was still smouldering. I can’t. Do it in the open, says Master Sana. Still had the taste in my nostrils of flesh over the expensive fried rice.

“That was expensive fried rice and Sprite,” I commented to  Made Sana .  We were eating at at I Made warung. “He charged bule prices but couldn’t even speak English,” said Sana. We are still  joking about , even after getting 10 000 Rupiah  discount off the fired rice.

As to this  little IXUS 135 Canon that I took these pictures with, it fits in my  pocket and is just a  little bit quirky … I like it. As to the mini iPad, I bought at Duty Free in Perth,   it’s so much better than an iPhone, and an iPad, which I think is just too big. A mini post for mini gadgets.

Mention of all these  mini gadgets –integral tools for a travel writer –  I was compelled to write a mini story for the Far Side ..have camera, will travel.

This was a  nice adventure in Ubud, one of  many like , Ho Ho hoing in Ubud, a story I wrote over last Christmas.

Ubud is the cultural heartland of Bali. Where else can you go and find a smouldering body in the King’s crematorium, and take a piss?





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