“We have been accused of committing a hate crime on this video, we got 20k hits in less then a week and then youtube reset the hit counter!” explains Dave Victor MacMillan, lead singer and former front man of  a Brissy punk band, Scarred Hope.. “It’s a homage to Bruce Lee, considering it has Asian, white and black people in it, I don’t think it’s racist. It’s a homage to Hong Kong Kung Fu movies.” Its stars Scott Brantley, you can watch him here, as Dave films him talking to Hollywood about their next big production, appropriately titled Scott Brantley on the phone to Hollywood, no shit!!

“He’s out of his cell now!” informs Dave. Now that’s good news, he’s got too much talent to waste it away staring at four walls.  Scott, who we interviewed here,  Seeking Closure, MIA’s in Cambodia, has  starred in films by the director John Frankenheimer famed for Against the Wall, The Burning Season, Andersonville, and George Wallace.

Their retaliation was to repost the video on Youtube with a poignant catch cry:

” OVER LORDS of FOOLTUBE gave this a different link.. stripped it of it’s views and NEVER sent a reason or even an apology. Can you please share this because as GOOGLE has taken over YOUTUBE many independent artists are having their videos taken down, stripped of views and defeated so they can’t compete against the sh*tty MAINSTREAM paid for distribution counter parts. PLEASE HELP INDY BANDS NOW.”

We encourage  you to repost this video on your channel and make it go viral. “20 000 hits is nothing,” says Dave. ” If the public have it their way, it will reach 20 million in a matter of months.”

Freedom fighters of artistic expression, The Far Side salutes you.

“Don’t let mainstream  bully and  dictate what you watch.” Now that’s hope coming from the lead singer of Scared Hope!


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