Talk2Cleo and come out smiling and laughing and spiritually cleansed  after a deep journey into your psyche.  It’s oh so painful and fun. “If you don’t have a mirror, look into a reflection of a knife, and smile to yourself.”  That’s Cleo at her best, and there’s more of that at Cleo’s Corner, where she releases a pod cast once a week. Her fan base is growing.  She even appears occasionally on other pod casts like this one. And laughter is the product, with plenty of  *Smiles*, which is Cleo’s enduring and charming trademark. “No tulips, no windmills, only wine and nicotine,” adds the charming Dutch pod caster.

Talk2Cleo’s website is very short and to the point. But as soon as you start listening to her pod cast, you realize that there’s more to Cleo than a simple and practical introduction on her site. She writes :

Hi lovely people,

I‘m proud of this site because I did it without help *smile*.

There is not much on it anyway hahaha..I  don’t care about that because I know it will grow in time.

I will use this to put podcasts and blogs on it.

 Cleo  (follow her on Twitter for some *smiles*) 



Apparently I’m one of the lovely people on her site now. On itunes, she promotes her podcast as: “Dutch and English. On- and off topic, well if there is a topic in the first place.”

Apparently we are on the same page!

Firstly, Cleo  says she never invites anyone to her pod casts. She has done 18 of them now, half in Dutch, and half in English. I eventually invited myself. We first met on Twitter. I was in Vietnam. The last trip, a five month odyssey in the heart of humanity had ended. I met her though a Malaysian activist on twitter, @bedlamfury.

It only took me eight  months to add Cleo  on Skype. That’s all it took. Two hours later, one late Saturday night, a pod cast was born.

It’s not long before we are talking. Cleo has her recorder on. Many disconnections. Cleo feels she has something here. Eleven hours later, of painstaking editing, she came up with an hour and half interview (here) .

The next day we talked about her motivations for doing pod casts.

Ever since we met, Cleo has been following me. She reads my blogs. She actually reread them. “I want to make sure I understand what you write sweety.”

She says when she researches the person she’s going to interview on twitter, she’ll go months back into their twitter timeline. “Stalker!” I said.  She missed that one!


The conversation  went like this. Names were edited out – except Pierre the Mercenary.  I’m expecting a visit from him soon. Cleo says just to *smile*. One anecdote about a high-ranking  Indonesia official acquiring one of my friend’s wood carvings (he’s Sana,  a Balinese and will be a big part of the book to be published soon and features in Hello Dolly, a journey into prostitution in Indonesia, and his speciality are wooden penises ) had been partially  edited ( it’s still there but no titles!) .

The high light of the interview was when we got talking about birds. “You notice how birds disappear when the sun goes down.”  I commented. A bird had just attacked Cleo in her peaceful garden. “It’s my garden!!! Its my fucking garden!” I told her how I feed chickens to  the eight hens “ They are cannibals.” These chickens live outside my store-room. I said that at work I have to suck eggs to get by. “Good morning Perth, I’m here to annoy you.” I call thousands of people a week and get paid to annoy then. Cleo was quick on the uptake. “At least you don’t mind sucking your chicken’s eggs!”

We discussed why she makes pod casts. She is new to it. In the interview I mentioned how in one of her  previous podcasts that a guest said that we are now living in the Golden Age of free speech. We both agreed that we don’t watch commercial TV. “I just hate the ads and lies and propaganda,” I told her. “But everything you write or think, will remain on the net forever.” I said we should start fresh, at ground zero, so we can get rid of all the hate circulating on the web.

Cleo has a way of getting what she wants. I thought the interview was going crap. “Stop being humble,” she said, trying to pry me open. Once she got me going, it was a torrent of words. Cleo only encouraged them. She had this way of making you feel special. That laugh of hers would disarm a chicken carrying an M-16. Cleo doesn’t want to be famous. She does what she does out of pure love. She’s interviewed interesting people from Twitter. Like who?

“I don’t want any fucking coppers on my pod, fb or twitter.” I told her about the police state I live in. And the retards I live with , from Light Fingers, to the Gollum.

After the interview, we were both emotionally drained. Laughter can do that you!  I spoke for 2 hours and immediately Cleo edited it  for 11 hours. “I forgot to eat,” she told me after posting it. “Go and get some food,” I ordered.  Talk about dedication. And I’m told she did eat!

She got the best out of me. I told her stories of covering Asia, and a book I’m working on. Conversations ranged from Buffaloes to Mercenaries and MIA (Missing in Action) , to bull shit and police brutality to  sucking eggs and the novelist Jake Needham. We signed off with his banter :

Talk2Cleo:  :you know.. I am me on my podcast.. I did one with another guest, and I even started to cry a bit. I didn’t edit it out. It is who I am. LUCKELY also skype decided to fuck up that interview I did

 Me: haha , wow, u really put your heart on a sleeve ! our disconnections were funny ,and added to the humor and your determination to get the pod cast done , talking about my chickens and feeding them chickens was fun and I felt really relaxed!

 Talk2Cleo: Yeah.. you KNOW I will call you “egg-sucker” now whoehahahahahaha

I was enchanted….

And here are few videos I made, that Cleo decided to talk about in the podcast! 


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