We are on the train, back to Dolly, watching Kick Boxer – Claude Van Damme . The bar scene of go-go girls was fast forwarded, now movie back on play mode.

Sana is with me. I really should have sent him home, but he’s too much fun, so he’s sticking around. A man walks with a tray of fried rice. I’m waiting for that official looking guy to leave, so I can have a smoke in the toilet. Think we have passed the mountains. It’s a straight stretch now.

Been in a foul mood all day. Looked up in the sky. A full moon. Thought it was Friday, and we’d arrive on Saturday. I got myself an extra day. It was Thursday when we left Banyuwangi. The only interest in opposite sex we got was at the 24 hour chicken joint. The girls here are too greedy, says Sana, who met Miss Mae, a karaoke singer  who wanted one million for her services. Given, though,  she had massive susu baser ( big boobs). They are mercenary here. And we are returning to Dolly, “who is good and kind”, says Sana

Stories find us, we don’t find them. That’s how the Far Side works. A few months ago we wrote about the Indonesian sexual revolution and the sex scandal of  Ariel (Nazril Irham) from Peter Pan, an Indonesian Indy band.  Today, we were within 500 meters of the man, who since being released out of jail six months  ago, is lining up with his new band,  Noah tonight – same members by the way.

There’s a press frenzy here.

A reporter from Jakarta Post, with his press credentials, is taking photos. I don’t have any, but who needs them when you have gone too far? As I write now, the lead singer, who made sex tapes with over 20 celebrities, is now turning on a new generation. His music is played all over Indonesia. It makes you wonder if his arrest has generated more sales, a moot point.

I’m sitting with the paramedics. The police gave us their endorsement after I said that Peter Pan was here for ngor ngam, fucking.  They laugh at the crazy bule (foreigner) and then we are  on our way to cover the story. At first I thought there was a riot with all the police around here. No doubt there were lots of hot women getting wet, and I’m sure the police are here to control their hormones after the gig.

I’m a legend in my lunch box with  cheap track suit pants and second-hand t-shirt. All the fans are dressed up to the nines. And Sana looks like he’s about to flash in a toilet with his black trench coat.

Sana is feeling sick, and goes into the paramedic ambulance. “Why pay for medicine when you can get it for free.” I like his style. I snap away. Two women wearing Muslim scarfs are smiling. I ask them if they think Noah is a sex icon. They smile. Isn’t it obvious.

The female paramedic is more vocal. “I love him and will always love him, he’s gorgeous.”

I talk to some Chinese Indonesia women. They are all smiles. They love the attention of being photographed and I love photographing them!  I ask one of their boy friends what did Noah, as he’s now called, do to merit being jailed. “It was a scandal.” Ok, he’s left out the sex bit, but it’s not stopping the mostly teenagers who are waiting in a long line at the Gramedia Entertainment venue here in Surabaya to see him.

We couldn’t’ get a free ticket inside to see Noah, who at times just really depresses me.   But we did try. The tickets to see Noah were 300 000 and sold out. I think its time to get back to Dang Dut land where the  women are pretty and more accessible. We weren’t doing well with these hi-so types, and one got angry when I took a photo of her. Titty to you too dear.

We were part of the gig, though. My trusty photographer from Bali was stretching his legs in the Ambulance, while I was hard at work taking photos. I think Sana’s got it right this time. Meanwhile, the sexual revolution is unfolding. Surabaya is more than a fitting city to host the bad boy of Indy pop, as you might have read in our last adventure.


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