Sometimes you just gotta do what you believe is right.

If you got an intention, roll with it. At the time it might seem folly.

I attended Nyepi, in Bali, their New Year. My old Panasonic camera, with a Leica lens, that I bought at pawn  shop in Thailand, was really on its last legs.

By the time I reached the major intersection to see the Monster Parade, my battery went flat.

Cover the story, Hunter S Thompson would say, and give me a hit of acid. Instead, I got out my Mac Book and started filming. It worked like a dream. I weaseled up the front, and started filming. The international press was there. Reuters, BBC and ME. I just made that up, but the Indonesian press corps were there. I got my footage and filed.

I then edited it in iMovies, and gave it a Far Side going over. And here is the product. It’s gone semi viral. It has had more hits than my readership here. It just goes to show, stick to your guns, and just roll with that whim. It may just pay off!

Back at my guesthouse, I run into a bunch of Indonesian students from Jakarta. “Hay, I saw you on the nightly news,” he explained, with a touch of awe. “You were the crazy bule filming with your Mac Book.”

Yep that was me!


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