Over the last few days, we have explored the world of travel. And to be honest, there’s some wonderful content out there. I’ve added a few links to blogs that really stand out as original and very Far Side, what ever that means!  Just drop us a line here, and we’ll link you. Traveling is about sharing, and linking is a great way to stay connected.

Bucket List Publications 

The Open Suit Case

Lottie Nevin

Adventures We Seek 


Ben’s Blog 

Intricate Knot 

Ms Elena Levon Traveling 

The Single Gourmet and Traveller

Intricate Knot

Photo Botos 

Victor Travel Blog 

Every Where Once 


8 thoughts on “Blogs We Adore

  1. I am absolutely bowled over! It’s not often that I’m rendered speechless but right now I am!

    I said earlier (in reply to your lovely comment), that I was going to check out your blog – I would have done it sooner, but Irishman just called me from Bali to say that there had been an earthquake and that the house had rattled and rolled for at least a minute. It would have been rather rude, and not very wifely, if I’d said ‘buzz off, theres a new blog that I want to read….’ so I hope you understand.

    Imagine my surprise and delight then in not only finding that your blog is jam packed with interesting and wonderful posts, but also that you’ve been so generous and kind in mentioning mine! I feel extremely honoured and flattered.

    My evening is sorted! I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine (read that as several) and enjoy reading your blog.

    Thank you!! Lottie 🙂

    • I don’t usually bowl over mothers 😛 oh, you write well, it was a lucky discovery, i guess I appreciate your sense of humor, it’s so refreshing! Its what we try and do here at the Far Side, care to collaborate, in any capacity! Speechless, wow, what was the compliment by the way hehe ! Your story on apartment the best stuff I’ve read on Jakarta, would like to an update on the new one !

    • Oh once again, thanks. I know all about those earth quakes, was in one in Bali. Well we are glad that you got here eventually. I haven’t been very active in seeking out bloggers over the last year, just frantic writing content. But only in the last week have we figured out that there are wonderful people out there writing wonderful stuff. So glad you got to read our blog, over several wines!

      Maybe we’ll catch up in Jakarta one day and share ideas for stories, you can perhaps DM on twitter !

    • I’m giggling, thanks for making me smile, see, you have a gift, hehe – “It would have been rather rude, and not very wifely, if I’d said ‘buzz off, theres a new blog that I want to read….’ so I hope you understand.”

      YES I UNDERSTAND, you should said, as his house was shaking and rattling, “This new blog I discovered Rocks my world!” Whoops, now I’m being very silly, but isn’t’ that what life is all about, to celebrate the absurd and chuckle a bit!

      • Haha! Yes, he would have loved that! I agree too with celebrating the absurd and having a laugh. I don’t give a stuff that Freud thought humour was a defence mechanism….if it helps us all to get through life, specially the trickier times then all well and good in my book.
        I’ll be checking out the links to your blog posts that you sent me in your comments and I’m also looking forward to seeing what the other folks on your list above are up to, it’s always great to have recommendations. As you say there is some wonderful stuff out there and some fabulous blogs. Isn’t life rich!

      • Life is a rich tapestry ! Dial me another cliche. Yes, I’m getting in the swing of things, and wanna celebrate other bloggers, as we deserve to be promoted.

        Jerome K Jerome, can’t get enough of the absurd, Three Men in a Boat, and their trip to the maize, just wonderful stuff ! Thanks for checking out our links!

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